The Best Breakfasts for Bank Holiday Weekends

I'm not sure if you have realised but there is a bank holiday coming up this weekend.

Who am I kidding, of course you've realised! I'm sure your counting down the hours, just like all of us here at Home Butchers HQ.

One of the best perks of a long weekend is those lazy mornings where, after a nice lie in, you can drink a relaxed cup of coffee while you potter around the kitchen making something delicious for breakfast. Everyone has their favourite weekend breakfast recipe, but we think a Bank Holiday breakfast should be a bit of a celebration - not your everyday bowl-of-cereal-and-a-banana type of breakfast. It should be hearty, indulgent and a little bit special.

There have been some heated arguments, but after extensive testing (all in the name of research of course) we have managed to compile a list of our top six bank holiday breakfasts. It was supposed to be 5, but the competition was just too stiff. These are enough to make you wish every weekend was a bank holiday weekend.....


6. The Breakfast Sarnie

At number six, its the breakfast sandwich. You might notice that we haven't specified what's in the sarnie, because the beauty of the breakfast sandwich is that it's customisable. Do you fancy fried eggs with brown sauce? Why not. Got a serious craving for a BLT, made with smoked bacon and avocado? Sounds good to me. Or what about sausage and cheese with a cheeky egg and a dollop of ketchup. You get the drift.

The only key to making the perfect breakfast sandwich is to use really good ingredients, and you cant get much better than Home Butchers premium meat products. Our sausages and bacon are the best!

Breakfast Sandwich

5. Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is a classic breakfast dish that has made it onto our run-down of the best breakfasts because it manages to be indulgent and at the same time feel a little refined.  And honestly, what doesn't taste better smothered in hollandaise? Do you prefer crispy smoked bacon or slices of soft and tender cooked ham?

eggs benedict with crispy bacon

4. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Its hard for us to admit (being in the meat trade and all) but a vegetarian recipe has made it onto our list of the best breakfasts for bank holidays. There is something about the crunchy toast and oozing cheesy centre of a good grilled cheese sandwich that is just irresistible.

In our opinion, to take a normal grilled cheese sandwich to the next level of cheesy goodness, you need to do two things. First, use a mix of cheddar and smoked cheese (just try it) and second, after grilling the sandwich on both sides to get a good crunch,  add a layer of grated cheddar to the pan and place the sarnie on top until the cheese has melted. This will form an insane crispy cheesy crust.

bnk holiday grilled cheese sandwhich

3. Bacon and Eggs on toast...with a twist

In our last post, we shared this amazing recipe with you, and we still cant get over how good it is. At number four, we have that old classic, bacon and eggs, with a Home Butchers twist. The twist is creamy avocado guacamole and home-made soda bread, fresh from the oven. We think that the creamy texture of the guacamole, enhanced with a sharp squeeze of lime and garlic, goes better with bacon and eggs than baked beans ever did!

There's nothing else we need to say except find the recipe here!


best bank holiday breakfasts


2.American Pancakes

So the runner up of our list of the best bank holiday breakfasts is an old American classic that has become a firm favourite in the UK; American Pancakes. When you get American pancakes right, they are like little bites of heaven. Soft, fluffy and light they are a fantastic vehicle for so many incredibly tasty toppings from banana and chocolate to chopped nuts and raspberries. Our favourite by a mile however has to be crispy bacon, sweet maple syrup and a few tart blueberries for good measure. Yum.

best breakfasts - american pancakes


And the top spot goes to ....The Ulster Fry

You already know that nothing else can beat a proper Ulster Fry, so I'm sure you guessed this would be the outcome!

Oh Ulster Fry, how do you do it? How do you manage to so perfectly combine all those amazing pork products with old favourites like vegetable roll, potato bread and soda farls?

You can't you argue with the majestic Ulster Fry, and why would you want to? Buy an Ulster fry meat pack today and have everything you need to make eight - that's right eight - delicious platefuls of the best breakfast any Bank Holiday will ever see.

best weekend breakfast - The Ulster Fry


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