Northern Irish beef cattle are grass fed on lush fertile pastures using traditional farming methods passed down from generation to generation. Our beef is matured for 21 days to provide the finest mouth watering taste. We individually package our beef steaks and joints to arrive at your home ready to be cooked, eaten and enjoyed.

  • Beef Steaks

    The finest quality 21 day matured beef steaks, individually packed and bursting with flavour.

  • Beef Roasting Joints

    21 day matured beef roasting joints. Mouth watering succulent joints of Northern Irish beef, superb for Sunday dinner.

  • Minced and Diced Beef

    Prime lean minced and diced beef from steak offcuts, giving a quality taste.

  • Speciality Cuts

    Speciality Cuts of Prime N. Ireland Beef, cut, prepared and packed, ready for delivery fresh to your door.

  • Steak Burgers & Sausages

    Tasty Beef Steak Burgers and Sausages made from offcuts from our Prime Dry Aged Beef Steak.