A selection of quality lean Northern Irish Pork cuts available to buy online for delivery in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Buy Traditional dry cured N. Irish Bacon and Hams to fresh Pork Tenderloins.

  • Pork Burgers & Sausages

    Try our hand made pork sausages and burgers. A mix of old traditional pork sausage recipes and some with a modern twist.

  • Bacon & Hams

    A selection of traditional quality dry cured Northern Irish Bacon and Hams.

  • Pork Roasting Joints

    Order Pork Roasting Joints from Home Butchers. Choose from our selection of Pork Roasting Joints to suit you and your family.

  • Pork Chops

    Tender Northern Irish Pork Chops, choose spiced or unspiced chops.

  • Other Pork

    Find more pork products including Pork Pieces, Pork Steaks and Pork Ribs here.